As an emerging and well-celebrated digital artist, Mishelle is an eagle-eyed problem solver and very detail-oriented professional with an extensive 4-year experience in digital art. 

During her 4 years of experience, Michelle turned into a jack of all trades, her expertise and experience allow her to 2D NFT collections development, digital illustration and research management, and digital sculpting to name a few.

Michelle will closely work with Artists and marketing team to help SINOFY clients and partners to develop state of the art NFT collections, engage in researching emerging trends in NFT utilities, and deeply integrate into SINOFY`s evolving infrastructure.  

According to SINOFY`s Kema Bae, Michelle`s involvement in our projects will bring additional value to our NFT partners, furthermore, provide a platform for unleashing artistic and creative talents.  

“I would describe myself as a global citizen who enjoys learning about people’s cultural characteristics and about the ways that art has merged with the world of technology throughout the latest years.

In the vast world of NFTs, I see people converging into the space of Metaverse, which I believe is rapidly becoming part of a new lifestyle that I am excites industry players. I am happy to join SINOFY GROUP and excited about future projects says Mishel.