After dot com era and its boom gave rise to WEB 2 era that evolved creating centralization, and WEB 2 infrastructure undoubtedly helped onboard billions of people connect to the World Wide Web, on the other hand, a handful of centralized entities developed massive control a unilaterally deciding what should and should not be allowed, collect data and use it in their favor.

Web 3.0 has given hope that i described in my previous article WEB 3.0: The Promise, the Hope, and the Future, one of the notable points is Web 3.0 gives power in the hands of individuals AKA Community and supports WEB 3.0 projects that have ideas, skillset, thus, applying for Grants makes hell a lot of sense.

In this piece, we have taken ample time to research and make the list of grants that could enormously benefit those that are looking for initial funding, support, and coaching.

  1. Ethereum Foundation — Ecosystem grants
  2. Kadena — Ecosystem grants
  3. Scale — Grants for game developers, P2E, NFT and Metaverse
  4. Harmony — Ecosystem grant
  5. Tezos — Developer experience App and Secority grants
  6. Zcash — ZCash Ecosystem grants
  7. Stacks Foundation — Ecosystem grants
  8. WEB 3 Foundation — Ecosystem grants
  9. Interchain Foundation — Grants and marketing assistance
  10. Consensys — Accelerating Ethereum Ecosystem grants
  11. Binance — Ecosystem grants
  12. OkCoin — Ecosystem grants
  13. Ocean Dao — Ecosystem grants
  14. Mina Protocol — Ecosystem grants
  15. Algorand Foundation — Ecosystem grants
  16. Solana — Ecosystem grants
  17. Oasis Protocol — Ecosystem grants
  18. Flow — Ecosystem grants
  19. Nexus Mutual — Ecosystem grants
  20. Nervos — Ecosystem grants
  21. mStable — Ecosystem grants
  22. Kraken — Ecosystem grants
  23. Gnosis — Ecosystem grants
  24. Filecoin — Ecosystem grants
  25. Chainlink — Ecosystem grants
  26. Aave — Ecosystem grants
  27. Pooltogether — Ecosystem grants
  28. Curve — Ecosystem grants
  29. Yearn Finance — Ecosystem grants
  30. Compound — Ecosystem grants
  31. Gitcoin — Ecosystem grants
  32. Uniswap — Ecosystem grants
  33. 0xDAO — Ecosystem grants
  34. 1Inch — Ecosystem grants
  35. Acala — Ecosystem grants
  36. Akash — Ecosystem grants
  37. Alchemy — Ecosystem grants
  38. Arweave — Ecosystem grants
  39. Aurora — Ecosystam grants
  40. Dorahacks — Ecosystem grants
  41. Blequity — Ecosystem grants
  42. Balancer — Grant application
  43. Boba Network — Ecosystem grants
  44. CENNZ — Ecosystem grants
  45. Callisto Network — Ecosystem grants
  46. Celo Foundation — Ecosystem grants
  47. Chromia — Metaverse grants
  48. Coinbase — Ecosystem grants
  49. Coinex — Ecosystem grants
  50. Connext — Ecosystem grants
  51. Concordium — Ecosystem grants
  52. Crust Network — Ecosystem grants
  53. dYdX– Ecosystem grants
  54. Cronos — Ecosystem grants
  55. Darwinia — Ecosystem grants
  56. Dfinity — Ecosystem grants
  57. Serum — Ecosystem grants
  58. Enjin — Ecosystem grants
  59. Evmos — Ecosystem grants
  60. Hbar foundation — Ecosystem grants
  61. Grantshares ecosystem grants
  62. Future Fund — Ecosystem grants
  63. Fantom — Ecosystem grants
  64. Immutable — Ecosystem grants
  65. Kava — Ecosystem grants
  66. Idle Labs — Ecosystem grants
  67. Icon CPS — Ecosystem grants
  68. Livepeer — Ecosystem grants
  69. DAPP Network — Ecosystem grants
  70. Lego ecosystem grants
  71. LFG Foundation — Ecosystem grants
  72. Lyra Finance — Ecosystam grants
  73. MatchboxDAO — Ecosystem grants
  74. Metacartel — Ecosystem grants
  75. Meta gamma Delta — Ecosystem grants
  76. Mintbase — Ecosystem grants
  77. Moonbeam — Ecosystem grants
  78. Music NFT — Artist grants
  79. NEAR — Ecosystem grants
  80. NEO — Ecosystem grants
  81. Olympus — Ecosystem grants
  82. OpenSea — Ecosystem grants
  83. Optimism — Ecosystem grants
  84. Osmosis — Ecosystem grants
  85. Perpetual Protocol — Ecosystem grants
  86. Polygon — Ecosystem grants
  87. Protocoal Labs — Ecosystem grants
  88. Robonomics Network — Ecosystem grants
  89. The SandBox — Ecosystem grants
  90. Samsung — Ecosystem grants
  91. 7 Foundation — Ecosystem grants
  92. Synthetix DAO — Ecosystem grants
  93. TribeDAO — Ecosystem grants
  94. Waves — Ecosystem grants
  95. The Graph Foundation — Ecosystem grants
  96. ZILHive — Grant application
  97. XRP Ledger Grants
  98. Tempus finance grants
  99. Lens protocol — Ecosystem grants
  100. Miscellaneous

Most if not all of the WEB 3.0 projects would not be possible without the support and involvement of the community, there are more and more examples in the industry and one, in particular, caught my attention that is worthy to be mentioned here.

OffChain Global and Celebrating the rise of Community.

During our discussions about DAO and the role of community while growing WEB 3 startups Kema Bae, SINOFY`s interim managing partner, and co-founder mentioned about OffChain community has a growing number of communities organically and great content that participants shared enthusiastically during the meetup.

I was fascinated by the commitment and values of the community, furthermore, its organic growth despite rise and fall of the market remained intact.

OffChain Global is built to connect industry leaders from WEB 3.0 to stay up to date with the latest news and developments in the blockchain space. OffChain kicked off as a casual space to not only talk about crypto but also to connect with like-minded people back in 2017 in Shenzhen/Hong Kong, later these meetups and networking sessions transformed small groups of people into having engaging conversations and panel discussions.

Jonathan Hakim, one of the early higherups mentioned that Offchain Community is not about a small group of people that rule the community but empowering all chapter directors to make differences in the community by educating and sharing the latest developments in WEB 3.0

It is a global community and all of the founders are key to its success.

When Kema Bae was pondering leading the Istanbul chapter despite her recent promotion and busy schedule, SINOFY proudly supported and provided all the resources to take action, one month later she became the founder of Offchain Istanbul Chapter and a detailed story of her journey is well described here.

Offchain Istanbul`s first meeting was proudly organized in partnership with NOA HUBwhich brought together outstanding panelists including Alemşah Öztürk, Murat KahramanYusuf AltunbıcakElçin KaratayAnna MariaMesut GülecenÖzhan Dönder, despite the small size of the first event, the content was a king and that was just the beginning.

The event was sponsored by WePlay venturesDomino VenturesHotbitMonday Capital, Beneficiary: Re:Coded, and others that can be found here.

The second follow-up OffChain meetup is going to be held in Istanbul on July 29th bringing together hundreds of industry professionals, great speakers, and panelists, and most importantly, memorable experiences to celebrate WEB 3.0, to get more updates about the event click here

There is one more thing.

I`ll be participating in Blockchain economy Istanbul, this is Eurasia’s largest blockchain event bringing together the key players of the crypto industry and experts to redefine the future of finance.

The 4th edition of the Blockchain Economy Summit will take place for two days in Istanbul on July 27–28, 2022 with the world’s top crypto companies and blockchain entrepreneurs.

Some of the notable speakers that you will meet Gracy Chen, Managing Director at Bitget, Kafkas Sönmez, Turkey General Manager of, Eric Ma, CEO of TIDEX, James Toh, Global Head of Business Development, Coinstore, Andrey Bluemental, Worldwide Managing Director at Go Mobile, Fuad Fatullaev, CEO and Co-Founder of WeWay, Stelios Eleftheriou, Managing Director at NAGAX, and dozens of others that can be found here.

SINOFY is expanding its operations across Turkey and Balcans, if our story, values, and go-getter attitude resonates with yours, we always welcome partners, associates, and potential employees to join us, click here to learn more about us, and for inquiries, ideas email at